Day 5

Well, day 5 of the.. "overwhelmed to the point of depression" week.  I'm sleeping in shifts now which probably isn't the best way to do so, and leaves ted alone for most of the time.  Which is good & bad.  Good in that he can relax, bad in that he gets lonely & then gets depressed.

Tried creating a new ui for healing that really has me floored.  I can see the value in it but not sure if I have the brain power to use it effectively.  The bad part is there is no way to test if I can w/o just doing it.  That makes it bad for everyone else.  I've got to really try to think this thru WITHOUT driving myself insane.

I've still got my old way setup so worst case, I punt and go back to what I know.
It's "interesting" how many things that were very simple for you to do as a young man seem to require a  herculean effort now.
I go Thursday for my ct's so we'll see what the surgeon says after that.
Keep praying that we figure out how to get our legs underneath us and start putting this house back together.