Dragonflight prepatch 2

Well, Dragonflight pre-patch #2 for Wow has released today.  Very long maintenance window but it seems to be a fun class.
You start out at level 58 and can currently only go to 60 which takes just a couple of lazy hours.  Could probably go much much faster if you focused....

In other news I've been sick for about 3 weeks now.  Tired alot.  Tonight is the first time I've been able to stay awake more then 1hr.  Doc wants me to go get a chest x-ray *sigh*.
Had a good chat with my brother so that was nice.
Got our xmas gifts for others planned out.  Now just have to make it happen.
Other then that not a lot going on.  We had snow the last 2 days but it didn't stick.  Temps have been in the mid 20's this last week in the evening and 40's during the day.  The seasons sure have changed in my lifetime.  Seems like there is only 2 seasons now.  Cold & hot.
I remember way back in junior high where we talked about global warming and how the ozone layer was being depleted and the damage it would cause.  Sorry to say everything they taught us then has come true.  Why do humans wait until something is morbidly wrong before they address it.  Even in business, instead of spending money on PREVENTATIVE maintenance they will wait till its beyond economical repair and then replace it.

Hope everyone is staying safe and has a blessed holiday season.  I'll probably write more before the year is over.