Feeling strange

It's been a while since I posted.
Tonight I feel strange.  Have for the last few days on/off.
Few days ago I was dizzy most of the day.  Even stretching made me almost fall out of the chair.
Tonight I just can't think clearly.  It feels like I didn't take my meds today but I'm pretty sure I did.
Pill minder hasn't been refilled though so not entirely sure.
Left the Old God's guild in wow.  Way too much drama.  Followed thorne et al to a new guild called "Order of Valhalla" but man does it feel lonely.
Been doing a LOT of coding lately, which is great in that it is getting my mind going again, bad in that I'm losing even more sleep and in that I'm not active in wow.
Can't seem to really focus on anything w/o falling down giant rabbit holes.

Today I slept alot so yet again my sleep schedule is messed up.  I almost had it fixed.  But I've been sick last couple of days and was just worn out and unable to think around 1400
Lots of changes coming for Neard in the coming days/weeks.  Hopefully by the 1st of the year it will be fully reborne.  I wonder if Ali will help me redesign it.
Pissed off the original creator, apparently by forking and then releasing fixes, so he banned me from commenting on any issues.  Probably blocked me from creating any too but idk, idc.