I sit here in one of my weird moods.  Don't feel like playing games, a bit hard to think, too awake to sleep yet too tired to be cognizant of much.
It's with great trepidation & prayer that we start 2021.  2020 was a disaster.  2021 is starting out with the worst revolt we've seen in over 150yrs.  The behavior of those who encouraged, supported and engaged in the attack on our capitol are shameful & imo 100% unworthy of citizens of our country.  I pray this is a one off sad event in 2021 and not the beginning of even more 2020 garbage.

I fear for our future president as there has been so much hate built up over the last 6 years that its exploding.  I'm worried he'll be the ultimate target of that hate.  I pray i'm wrong and that instead this country will finally start pulling itself back together again.

please GOD BLESS THE USA.. we need it & you more then ever now.

Not sure how I'm feeling today.  Woke up really early and felt "ok" but now I'm just "bleh".  Second day in a row I've not felt "normal".  Yesterday was just bored out of my mind!
On a positive note, I went to bed @ 2200 and slept on/off ( like always ) till 0445.
MAYBE my sleep schedule is starting to approach a normal humans.
Sometimes family can say things that are just brutal.

a new pr was merged today ( https://github.com/joomla/joomla-cms/pull/31436 ) allowing for using svg's as favicons,  which is kinda cool.
BUT there is zero documentation on how to use it.  Why does Joomla continually do this to itself?

It's the little things like this that prevent it from being the #1 cms on the planet.