Getting older is so weird.  Most days your fine and then others you feel like you got run over by a truck.
Just now I'm sitting here going thru the things I need to do and suddenly a way of depression hits me like a truck.  "Damn your old and falling apart dude!"
Getting old is NOT for the weak.

Another night where I'm feeling weird.

Why am I lonely right now.  Is it because everyone has been asleep for hours and I'm not?  Is it because the members of wow I normally run with were gone today?
Is it cause its 5am and I'm alone?
Is it lonlieness that makes you feel empty inside?
Damn I wish I was still married to a wife that was trustworthy.

Why do I always feel half brain dead when I stay up @ night.  Sitting here somewhere between depression & boredom.

Just got done healing a run and am shaking like a leaf!  Never had that experience before.

Day #2 of being in a brain fog.  Not as bad as yesterday when I forgot to take Tuesday's meds but still not thinking clearly.
Medically things sure are a mess right now.  Got appointments mon, tue, wed next week to START sorting things out.
I wonder why I hate leaving the house now?
Something I should definetly bring up at my next counseling session.

So glad inaguration went off smoothly.  Let just pray it continues to go as well.

I sit here in one of my weird moods.  Don't feel like playing games, a bit hard to think, too awake to sleep yet too tired to be cognizant of much.