Started on a new project tonight.  Hope I can get people to make it a reality cause I certainely don't know how to do that.
A new version of Luminar is upon us.  It looks promising.

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So bored these days.  Nothing much I can do afaik. 
started playing wow with ted as a father/son thing.  It's "ok". 
Looking forward to spring.   I want to get outside and get yardwork done.
Trip to lisbon is cancelled due to Corona Virus fears.  It's amazing how many events & places are shutdown now.
Ted's doing fantastic at staying calm and taking life as it comes.
Can't seem to get the split in my big toe to heal fully.  The fiberglass patch they put on is almost outgrown now so not sure what they can/should do next.
Wish I could get out and see my brother more.
Guess thats it for now.

So, I spent the last 2 weeks working on a Bootstrap 4 template for Joomla! 3.9 and towards the end of the project I discover that the menu isn't showing dropdowns as it should nor can I figure out how to make it do so.
This makes the entire template, i.e. last 3 weeks work, trash.

Can't seem to think straight today.

Quite frankly I've no idea what to do with myself when I can't code or shoot images.
my brain is total mush and gaming doesn't sound enjoyable.

Mom is soon to depart but so far I'm ok.  I don't understand why she's allowing herself to starve to death but she has made the decision to not let them put a feeding tube in.  I'm fairly confident that had she let them she would've gotten better.  All we can do is make arrangements and wait.  As sick as she is I doubt it will be very long.
Having a very hard time focusing on anything today.  Helped Ted some with the wall and that was helpful.
God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.