Sometimes family can say things that are just brutal.

a new pr was merged today ( ) allowing for using svg's as favicons,  which is kinda cool.
BUT there is zero documentation on how to use it.  Why does Joomla continually do this to itself?

It's the little things like this that prevent it from being the #1 cms on the planet.

Started on a new project tonight.  Hope I can get people to make it a reality cause I certainely don't know how to do that.
A new version of Luminar is upon us.  It looks promising.

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So bored these days.  Nothing much I can do afaik. 
started playing wow with ted as a father/son thing.  It's "ok". 
Looking forward to spring.   I want to get outside and get yardwork done.
Trip to lisbon is cancelled due to Corona Virus fears.  It's amazing how many events & places are shutdown now.
Ted's doing fantastic at staying calm and taking life as it comes.
Can't seem to get the split in my big toe to heal fully.  The fiberglass patch they put on is almost outgrown now so not sure what they can/should do next.
Wish I could get out and see my brother more.
Guess thats it for now.