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My vision

I had a hard time getting exactly what I wanted with this shot.  I wish I had remembered a behind the scenes but I constantly forget those.

I took a savage umbrella box pointed straight down and then had Diana cover herself in black.  I raised the umbrella to the ceiling ( 83" ) so I'd get as rapid fall off as possible, Since we were sitting on the bed so only 2' to the floor.
then I used the aperature to get enough DOF to convey the warmth/care that I needed but still give as much fall off as possible.
The concept was "loving grandmother".  Her worn hands, and love for the indian babe.  She has parkinsons pretty bad so getting her hands to hold still long enough was a real challenge for both of us.
I'm really torn on wether to use the black & white or color.  We like them both for various reasons.  The b/w edifies "age, caring, nurturing" much more then the color but the color conveys life.

1/200 sec @ f/5.6, iso:100
50mm f/1.8
Flashpoint Li-on Zoom (R1) set @ 1/1 with sto-fen
Savage umbrella/softbox was set about 2' infront and 1' to the left of the subject so that I was only lighting with the fringe of the light.

Pampered Chef
Senior Living
Woodworking Craft

Pull the 5 images that you love the most. NOT the ones that got the most comments on Flickr or other Hipstamatic, the ones YOU love the most.

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What do they all have in common…

Invoke feeling of satisfaction.

What is different about each of them…

Different kind of correctness that invoked the feeling of accomplishment.

How would you describe those images to someone who couldn’t see them.

  1. Eerie, dark image of a bearded man hiding in the shadow.
  2. Carefree man wearing bahama hat
  3. Image of older woman with hair like cindi lu ho
  4. Close-up profile of Golden brown horse with strong white blaze, standing in field.
  5. Product show of purple hair wax in open container with pointsetta background.

Do the images that mean the most to you reflect something you are personally interested in? No right or wrong answer, just think about the relationship between you as a person, and you as an artist.

yes, my son says the images I take are ones that make me feel alive, mostly family.

If you had an opportunity to do any kind of photography, and be paid well for it, what would it be?

Probably product or still life so that there is no rush.  I would love to do travel or landscape if my health permitted it.

What do you think about when you think about photography? (Gear? Shooting? Experience? The Image? Recognition?) again, there is no right or wrong answer.

Getting it technically right, but I almost always forget to check for things like stray hairs.

When people describe your photography, what terms do they use? What terms would you want them to use to describe your work?

Needs alot more work.  He needs to stop learning and start shooting.
Nailed it!

List three photographers who you would love to shoot like. Not as a copy, but as an influence/mentor.

Ansel Adams
Pip Bacon
Jennifer Rozenbaum

Summation: I guess the best summation of my vision statement is :  Make images come alive, make them feel real!
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