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troy hall 3


My vision

I had a hard time getting exactly what I wanted with this shot.  I wish I had remembered a behind the scenes but I constantly forget those.

I took a savage umbrella box pointed straight down and then had Diana cover herself in black.  I raised the umbrella to the ceiling ( 83" ) so I'd get as rapid fall off as possible, Since we were sitting on the bed so only 2' to the floor.
then I used the aperature to get enough DOF to convey the warmth/care that I needed but still give as much fall off as possible.
The concept was "loving grandmother".  Her worn hands, and love for the indian babe.  She has parkinsons pretty bad so getting her hands to hold still long enough was a real challenge for both of us.
I'm really torn on wether to use the black & white or color.  We like them both for various reasons.  The b/w edifies "age, caring, nurturing" much more then the color but the color conveys life.

1/200 sec @ f/5.6, iso:100
50mm f/1.8
Flashpoint Li-on Zoom (R1) set @ 1/1 with sto-fen
Savage umbrella/softbox was set about 2' infront and 1' to the left of the subject so that I was only lighting with the fringe of the light.

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