New site

New site design is pretty much complete sans more content.  We're using Joomla! 4.3.1 now so we're not using EOL software anymore.
I'm happy with the new template though I leave a lot to be desired when it come to design, which is why AmGraphix always works with the customers and does the design.  I'm happy doing the tweaking she wants done to customize the template beyond "normal settings".  Sometimes it's challenging but very rewarding when a customer gives a shining testimonial like so many have done.
I've been working with Ali for 10yrs now and we have a great relationship.  We use Abivia for all of our hosting as it's rock solid and the customer service is stellar.

On the home front we got the tomato and watermelon plants in the ground and will be working on the watering system and ground cover next week.  Will be fun to have homegrown food again.  Bet the neighbors will like it too.  This is Ted's first garden so should be an interesting experience for him as well.
Got the screws we needed for the 3D printer so its back in operation.  Just in time to create the Oxygen access plates I designed.
Guess thats all for tonight, think I'll go watch a movie.