Depression is such an annoying thing.

One minute your fine, the next your depressed with often times no real reason why.  And sometimes its the stupidest of things that is so depressing.
This is the 3rd day this week that I've felt this way.  Thankfully its not overwhelming depression.  It simply feels like nothing is going to get done & even if it were it wouldn't be good enough.  I'm not good enough.

My oxygen levels have been 88 when waking the last two days so that might be a contributing factor.

Getting older is so weird.  Most days your fine and then others you feel like you got run over by a truck.
Just now I'm sitting here going thru the things I need to do and suddenly a way of depression hits me like a truck.  "Damn your old and falling apart dude!"
Getting old is NOT for the weak.

Another night where I'm feeling weird.

Why am I lonely right now.  Is it because everyone has been asleep for hours and I'm not?  Is it because the members of wow I normally run with were gone today?
Is it cause its 5am and I'm alone?
Is it lonlieness that makes you feel empty inside?
Damn I wish I was still married to a wife that was trustworthy.

Why do I always feel half brain dead when I stay up @ night.  Sitting here somewhere between depression & boredom.

Just got done healing a run and am shaking like a leaf!  Never had that experience before.

Day #2 of being in a brain fog.  Not as bad as yesterday when I forgot to take Tuesday's meds but still not thinking clearly.
Medically things sure are a mess right now.  Got appointments mon, tue, wed next week to START sorting things out.
I wonder why I hate leaving the house now?
Something I should definetly bring up at my next counseling session.

So glad inaguration went off smoothly.  Let just pray it continues to go as well.