Day #2 of being in a brain fog.  Not as bad as yesterday when I forgot to take Tuesday's meds but still not thinking clearly.
Medically things sure are a mess right now.  Got appointments mon, tue, wed next week to START sorting things out.
I wonder why I hate leaving the house now?
Something I should definetly bring up at my next counseling session.

So glad inaguration went off smoothly.  Let just pray it continues to go as well.

I sit here in one of my weird moods.  Don't feel like playing games, a bit hard to think, too awake to sleep yet too tired to be cognizant of much.
It's with great trepidation & prayer that we start 2021.  2020 was a disaster.  2021 is starting out with the worst revolt we've seen in over 150yrs.  The behavior of those who encouraged, supported and engaged in the attack on our capitol are shameful & imo 100% unworthy of citizens of our country.  I pray this is a one off sad event in 2021 and not the beginning of even more 2020 garbage.

I fear for our future president as there has been so much hate built up over the last 6 years that its exploding.  I'm worried he'll be the ultimate target of that hate.  I pray i'm wrong and that instead this country will finally start pulling itself back together again.

please GOD BLESS THE USA.. we need it & you more then ever now.

Not sure how I'm feeling today.  Woke up really early and felt "ok" but now I'm just "bleh".  Second day in a row I've not felt "normal".  Yesterday was just bored out of my mind!
On a positive note, I went to bed @ 2200 and slept on/off ( like always ) till 0445.
MAYBE my sleep schedule is starting to approach a normal humans.
Sometimes family can say things that are just brutal.